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A monthly conversation in a private, virtual space about the current and unique challenges in healthcare with an opportunity to practice relevant resiliency techniques.

From a sample of 47 healthcare professionals: 

  • 97% of attendees reported a decrease in anxiety 

  • 38% overall average decrease in anxiety 

“Getting to know you and your work at the Center for Resiliency has been one of the highlights of 2020, an unexpected yet much needed silver lining that’s come from this pandemic. Over the years, I’ve come to recognize my hills and valleys a bit better and our last meeting was exactly what I needed to come out of the valley I was in at the time. I now have the words “I give myself permission to…” and “my best is good enough” written on post-it notes all over my work and personal spaces… so helpful.”
Family medicine physician, Tennessee

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In typical circumstances, healthcare professionals experience BURNOUT at twice the rate of the general population, due in part, to the intense interpersonal demands of their profession (American Psychiatric Association presentation, 2018). When you throw a pandemic into the mix, the likelihood that healthcare professionals will experience work-related stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder rises (Chen et al., 2020).


At The Center for Resiliency our response to this ongoing crisis was clear and swift. In March 2020, we began conducting virtual Resiliency Rounds, now known as “COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE” to help people in healthcare cope with COVID. We’ve continued to gather monthly with healthcare professionals from across the globe to explore the current healthcare environment and offer practical resiliency tools for use in the present moment at the bedside or in the boardroom.

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