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Published Research

The Center invites healthcare professionals to be our partners in developing resiliency tools that can help us meet the unique challenges of our profession. We rigorously evaluate our programs with standardized measures and in-depth interviews.


Participants consistently demonstrate declines in burnout and stress and improvements in well-being from before to after our interventions. Our evidence-based approach to program development helps us deliver burnout prevention programs within a time frame that even busy HCPs can work into their schedules.

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Learning self-compassion through social connection at work: The experiences of healthcare professionals in a 6-week intervention (2022)


Acceptability and feasibility of an online version of the Self-Compassion for Healthcare Communities program (2022)

Effectiveness of a One Day Self-Compassion Training for Pediatric Nurses’ Resilience (2021)

Caring for others without losing yourself:
An adaptation of the Mindful Self‐Compassion Program for Healthcare Communities (2020)


Exploration of Techno-Stress Among Hospital Employees

This study identified how techno-stress impedes work in healthcare and provided recommendations on how to transform the use of ICTs (information communication technologies) to improve employees happiness and health. 

Millie Harrison, University of Texas at Austin,
Austin, TX, USA

Ongoing Research

"Developing and maintaining resiliency for workplace stress and burnout among healthcare workers"

In collaboration with Justin Benzer, Ph.D., at UT Dell Medical School, we are conducting a Cain Foundation grant-funded project in 2022-2023 to determine the long-term effect of Resiliency Training on healthcare professionals. 


"Evaluation of a 6-hour Resiliency Training for Healthcare Professionals"

Survey data was collected from 2020-2022 on over 165 healthcare workers who attended a 1-Day or 6-week Resiliency Training. Preliminary analyses suggest participants experienced significant improvement in resiliency skills and significant decreases in burnout and stress. A manuscript is in progress.


"Self-Compassion for Parents of Children with Chronic Illness"

In collaboration with Lauren Gulbas, Ph.D., at UT School of Social Work, we are writing a manuscript about the processes through which parents learned to be self-compassionate in an intervention.


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