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Resiliency Training
For Healthcare Professionals
  • A 6 hour course taught in two formats: 1 hour/week for six weeks or all in one day  
  • 6 CEU hours for participants who complete all 6 sessions
  • You will learn practical tools that you can use on the job/at the bedside to manage stress and prevent burnout.
  • This curriculum is informed by feedback from over 262 previous participants and is truly created by and for healthcare professionals.


What you will learn: Practical tools to use on the job

Topics explored:

  • Benefits of awareness
  • On the spot tools to manage difficult situations
  • Adjusting our self-critical voice
  • Physiology of resiliency
  • How values safeguard resilience and prevent burnout
  • Alleviating empathy fatigue
  • Countering our negativity bias


Course Expectations:
This is an interactive course where we will be asking questions of participants and utilizing the breakout rooms for smaller private group interactions.  If you are taking the course virtually, you will need an electronic device with a microphone and webcam.

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