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What We Offer

The Center for Resiliency offers various programs and events.


6-session, evidence-based course offering resiliency techniques professionals can use on the job to navigate the unique challenges in healthcare.

An interactive course, based on in-house case studies of patient and family encounters, exploring the challenges of maintaining therapeutic relationships in healthcare. We also discuss the connection between boundaries and burnout for the healthcare professional who cares so much.

Certification course for healthcare professionals who wish to become a Healthcare Resiliency Facilitator.


Monthly conversation in a private space about the current and unique challenges inherent to healthcare and an opportunity to practice resiliency techniques.

Quarterly off-site storytelling event where healthcare professionals share the inspiring and profound experiences that have shaped their careers.

Bi-monthly nationally recognized program utilizing in-house case studies as a springboard for open, interdisciplinary dialogue on the social and emotional dimensions of healthcare.

Quarterly offsite private event where issues unique to the experience of female physicians are shared and celebrated.


Facilitated resiliency experience for healthcare teams tailored to their current needs and circumstances, offered monthly, quarterly or biannually on their shift or during a staff meeting.

An opportunity for healthcare teams to reconnect to their humanity and their calling through team building, strategy development, play and relaxation.


One-on-one professional development coaching sessions for physicians and healthcare leaders.


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