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our response to covid-19

The Center for Resiliency at Dell Children's began offering 1-hour support sessions via Zoom to Healthcare Professionals three times a week in mid- March. Each Virtual Resiliency Rounds session includes a short mindfulness exercise, opportunity for community discussion, and a longer practice from our Resiliency Training curriculum.  


In typical circumstances, healthcare professionals experience burnout at twice the rate of the general population, due, in part, to the intense interpersonal demands of their profession. When you throw a pandemic into the mix, the likelihood that Healthcare Professionals will experience work-related stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder rises. Virtual Resiliency Rounds were designed to provide tools healthcare professionals can use on the job to cope with the uncertainty, fear, and anxiety surrounding COVID-19. Rounds are also a safe space for our people to discuss their unique experiences during this time as healthcare professionals.

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Resiliency research

during covid-19

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