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Our Team

Krista Gregory / Founder and Director

Krista is a Board Certified Chaplain who has worked in healthcare for over 25 years in both adult and pediatric hospitals. The daughter of a surgeon, she grew up in hospitals, rounding with her father on his patients. She later gained experience as a family member alongside her father after a massive stroke left him bedridden. The authenticity of individuals experiencing some of the most difficult days of their lives appealed to her own vulnerability and led her to train as a hospital chaplain. From the beginning, she believed that the human exchange between patients and healthcare professionals creates the culture that promotes healing. Krista also believes that efforts to address the systemic factors, such as improving team and organizational communication, contribute to a healing medical culture.

Phoebe Long Franco / Research Scientist

Phoebe has a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and has spent her professional career developing curriculum and facilitating classes for academic, professional, and community groups. She started working with healthcare professionals in 2016 to develop and facilitate the program “Self-Compassion for Healthcare Communities.” In 2019, she began working full-time for the Center for Resiliency to head the research program and continue to create and facilitate programs that support healthcare professionals’ resilience. Her research and writing on self-compassion, resiliency, and professional well-being can be read in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Clinical Psychology, Self and Identity, Learning  and Individual Differences, Journal of Pediatric Nursing, and the online magazine Greater Good.

Tommi Reel / Administrative Coordinator

Tommi serves as the Administrative Coordinator at the Center for Resiliency. She is our logistics queen, making sure that all of our trainings, events and retreats function seamlessly. More importantly, she connects healthcare professionals with the resources we offer and ensures that they feel heard and valued as humans. She came into healthcare out of the education arena having served educators and families supporting children in the school setting. Tommi is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in business.

The Center for Resiliency is a community of healthcare professionals and friends who believe in this work.  We are who we are because of all of you.  Countless have donated time and advice and suggestions and resources that have been incorporated into what you experience today.  

Some have donated money. We hope you will consider joining them.


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