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Radically changing medical culture for the benefit of healthcare workers, patients, their families, and the greater community


We support healthcare workers to thrive in our unique work environment.


Informed by evidence-based research, we equip our people with practical, relevant tools and facilitate opportunities for authentic conversations.

Model of Well-Being

A systemic view of our work. How Centers for Resiliency can change medical culture. How our programs target resilience at individual, interpersonal, organizational, and societal levels


  • Individual: HCPs learn evidence-based, practical skills to use on the job through resiliency rounds, resiliency training, and clinical coaching.

  • Interpersonal: Retreats, team-based resiliency rounds, training, and events improve team dynamics, inter-professional communication and promote therapeutic relationships with patients/families.

  • Organizational: Leaders receive feedback about how policies impact HCPs; onsite services and CME offerings signal organizational support for program attendance.

  • Societal: Teacher trainings, community events, and presentations provide a model for promoting resilience within hospitals across the globe.

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